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A Survival Guide to Travelling with a Baby


So this post is long over due.As the Summer holidays is close upon us  I thought why not  talk about travelling with an infant. We have now come back from travelling to South Africa with Eva being a Toddler which was a completely different kettle of fish than Eva being infant. I thought I would share with you what worked for us when we went on our first plane journey as a family 14 months ago.

I remember being absolutely terrified taking our then eight month old on our first visit home to South Africa, it included three flights, layovers, lots of food, tantrums, a surprise trip for Eva and I home alone but most of all fond memories. I know it may be daunting thinking of booking that holiday or visit home to family but trust me, it’s worth it.

Here are some tips to help you survive the journey;

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!!

I cannot stress this enough, it really helps to alleviate any stress while at the airport. Make sure you have your I.D’S,tickets packed the night before. Also check with where you are flying to make sure you do not need extra documentation. For example for us flying to South Africa we had to bring Eva’s birth certificate  as well as our marriage certificate as Eva’s name on her passport is different from mine.



Bring a Baby Carrier/Sling

Whether you prefer ring sling, buckle carrier or a stretchy wrap , it is definitely a MUST  for the airport and plane. It gives you a hands free option for travelling through security or walking up and down the plane trying to settle your little one. I always found they contain sleepy dust.


Pack Extra Outfits

This one is a biggy and to be honest something I would at times forget.  Bring two extra outfits for you little one, trust me anything can happen on a plane in a confined space, I ended up putting the outfits in sandwich bags so they were easy to get to. A tip I got from a friend was also to pack an extra outfit for you as you never know when a nappy may leak all over your jeans or spew their feed all over your shirt. Trust me the last thing you need is to be sitting on a plane for a few hours smelling like baby spew.


Something Familiar and Something New

So I found by bringing Eva’s blanket and her comforter it really helped  to give her a sense of security she was familiar with especially when flying and being in a completely different environment.

Bring something new, every baby loves to explore and why not with a  toy for them to figure out, book to look at or teether to chew on.




Feed at Take Off or Landing

Whether you breastfeed, bottle feed or you baby has a soother, let them have something to suck on during take off and landing.  The sucking and swallowing helps to regulate the pressure change. This worked a treat with Eva as she nursed during both. We actually brought a nursing cover as it helped to limit all the distractions on the plane during our night flight.

Don’t forget you will have an amazing holiday/trip when you arrive and will be creating amazing memories for you and your little one.



I hope these tips have helped you.
If you’d like to share any of yours feel free to let us know.

Shauna xxx